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Jackalope Different.jpeg

Joni T Jackalope knows she's different from the other rabbits... but she can't quite figure out WHY.... 

This silly, heartfelt story shows how Joni can feel frustrated and deflated by the ways her antlers make her different (and make some things that are supposed to be easy for rabbits a lot more of a challenge). BUT, as Joni begins to realize the ways that her antlers help her (and the other rabbits) Joni realizes that her antlers give her some unexpected superpowers too! This story is a humorous tale of Joni's journey to acceptance and self love.

This book is a labor of love, exploring the experience of being neurodivergent in a group of neurotypical individuals. Having gone undiagnosed through my childhood, just like Joni, I lived with the knowledge that there was something about my head that made me different and made some things hard, but that made me special and unique too. 

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