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Projects In Progress

Monster in the Basement
Grizzly Bear Family
Monster Flossing_WEB.jpg

The Monster in the Basement

Working title

What would you do if you went downstairs to your basement and found a huge, hulking, terribly unkempt monster living down there? Would you run away scared? Or would you stay and give him some much needed lessons in personal grooming and good manners, using whatever items you could find around your basement? That's what two fiesty girls in princess dresses decided to do, and the results came with an unexpected surprise!

monster basement entrance.jpg

The Monster in the Basement is a whimsical picture book, full of humor and imagination. The idea is developed, and the manuscript + dummy artwork are currently in progress. More information is available upon request.

MOB shower bw.jpg

Grizzly Bear Family

Working title

"On a cold winter's night, a mother growls into the waking darkness. Three new baby cubs curl up beside her in the den."

I am currently working on a piece that explores the experience of endangered grizzly bears in their first year of life. Born into winter hibernation, emerging with their mother into the new world of springtime, frolicking playfully during summer's exploration, and then autumnal preparation to return to hibernation, grizzlies live a life equal parts adorable and uncertain.


My goal with this project is to strike a balance between lyric storytelling and providing accurate factual information about these incredible creatures. This piece is still in progress, but I am happy to discuss my intentions and expectations for it with anyone who might be interested.

bear 2 WEB.jpg
bear 1 WEB.jpg
Grizzly Bear Family
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