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Dragon in an ice cream shop

Character & Scene


Explorations and sketches

Preliminary sketches of character ideas and one off explorations of character aesthetics and scenic elements.

HRH Cornelious P Ribbit, Prince of the lilypads

and Duke of toadswell


Evolution of a dragon

One of my favorite things to do as an illustrator (and prolific doodler) is to occasionally revisit an old doodle that I always liked, and explore it further. Sometimes I have a plan for where I want it to go, and other times it just evolves as I create!

In the case of this dragon, I did the doodle of the boy and the doodle of the dragon separately, but related to each other back in 2014. I always liked them, so I decided to paint them for my portfolio this year. As I did, the world and the story of the image kept expanding. First, I started to create the ice cream shop background. Then a man working behind the counter. By the end, I'd added a whole group of gobsmacked kids. Truly, quite an evolution for what started as just a quick doodle!

source web.jpg

Original Doodle, circa 2014


Updated Illustration, circa 2021

The night of unicorn magic

Unicorn Magic

Snowstorm in the blue hour

Blue Snow
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